Founded in 2005, Coffey Architects has built a strong reputation for designing beautifully crafted, intelligent buildings that creatively add value for our clients.

Whether masterplans or housing, commercial or cultural buildings, we choreograph the demands of strategic objectives, budgets, deadlines and delivery for great results.

Our growing team of talented and dedicated architects share a culture of excellence. Our projects have been recognised with a clutch of awards against stiff competition.

Interested in working with us? Send your CV/portfolio and letter of interest (under 5MB, please) to cvs@coffeyarchitects.com

We love...

The top eleven things that motivate us:

/ Championing the vision through thick and thin

/ Thinking big without neglecting the details

/ Challenging the brief where it helps the client

/ Materials that improve with age and respect their context

/ Clearly communicating concepts

/ Quality of beauty found in spaces not objects

/ Testing ideas till they break

/ Designing intelligently for people and the planet

/ Collaborating with other passionate people

/ The power of craft and design to do good

/ The richness of the urban context

People, context & Light

People, context and light are our driving concerns. Good architecture is measured by its adaptability and response to its context, social life, the people using it and the light that fills it.

Our architecture is for people – all people. We want the spaces we design to promote social interaction and set the stage for living, without barriers. In that sense, we are not wedded to any one style but believe in the power of design tailored to need, wish and context. In our hearts, architecture merely frames light both literally and metaphorically. Manipulating it is our starting point for finding elegant answers to our clients’ questions. In this way, we will never abandon beauty in our quest for the functional and pragmatic.

Environmental, social and economic issues are integral to our process. This mindset encourages collaboration with our design team colleagues, clients, investors, stakeholders and, of course, end-users. More than anything, though, we are inspired by the fragility of the planet. The earth is our home in the cosmos, full of wonder but vulnerable. We are moved not just to protect it, but to attempt in some way to capture its impossible beauty.


Coffey Architects_Andrea Ruffilli

Andrea Ruffilli


Coffey Architects_Arseni Timofejev

Arseni Timofejev

Architectural Assistant

Coffey Architects_ Anna Rubin

Anna Rubin


Coffey Architects_Brian Tobin

Brian Tobin


Coffey Architects_Catherine Blaney

Catherine Blaney


Coffey Architects_Christopher McHale

Christopher McHale


Coffey Architects_ David

David Deroo


Coffey Architects_Ella Wright

Ella Wright


Coffey Architects_Erik de Haan

Erik de Haan

Architectural Assistant

Coffey Architects_Eugenia Pavone

Eugenia Pavone

Architectural Assistant

Coffey Architects_ Frances Bates

Frances Bates

Studio Assistant

Coffey Architects_ George Morgan

George Morgan


Coffey Architects_Heidi Wakefield

Heidi Wakefield

Architectural Assistant

Coffey Architects_Ivo Silva

Ivo Silva

Architectural Assistant

Coffey Architects_Jamie Whelan

Jamie Whelan

Architectural Assistant

Coffey Architects_Lee Marsden

Lee Marsden

Project Director

Coffey Architects_Margaret Ravenscroft

Margaret Ravenscroft

Head of Communications

Coffey Architects_Michael Henriksen

Michael Henriksen


Coffey Architects_Mina Gospavic

Mina Gospavić


Coffey Architects_ Mohammed Awadalla

Mohammed Awadalla

Architectural Assistant

Coffey Architects_Nathan Cunningham

Nathan Cunningham


Coffey Architects_Phil Coffey

Phil Coffey


Coffey Architects_Rafid Sulaiman

Rafid Sulaiman


Coffey Architects_Sopihe Wootten

Sophie Wootten

Studio Manager

Coffey Architects_Steve Jones

Steve Jones

Project Director

Coffey Architects_Thom Pailing

Thom Pailing


Coffey Architects_Tom Lea

Tom Lea


Coffey Architects_Uli Kraeling

Uli Kraeling


Coffey Architects_Will Chan

Will Chan



/ Hidden House, RIBA House of the Year – longlisted
/ Hidden House, New London Awards – shortlisted
/ Science Museum, RIBA London Award – won
/ Hidden House, RIBA London Award – won
/ Modern Detached, RIBA East Award – won
/ Individual House Architect of the Year, BD Architect of the Year Award – shortlisted
/ Science Museum, Lighting Design Award – shortlisted

/ Visionary Architects/Masterplanners MIPIM UK – won
/ Dezeen Hot List
/ Science Museum, AJ Retrofit Award – shortlisted
/ U+I Headquarters, New London Architecture Award – won
/ U+I Headquarters, BD Interior and Office Architects of the Year Award – shortlisted
/ U+I Headquarters, BCO Award – shortlisted
/ Modern Side Extension, RIBA Stephen Lawrence Prize – shortlisted
/ Modern Side Extension, RIBA London Award – won
/ Modern Mews, RIBA London Award – won
/ Modern Mews, New London Award – won
/ Modern Mews, RIBA House of the Year Award – shortlisted, final four

/ Modern Side Extension, AJ Retrofit Best House under £250k Award – won
/ Modern Side Extension, AJ Small Project Award – shortlisted

/ Urban Loft, AJ Retrofit Best House under £300K Award – won
/ Court House, NLA Don’t Move, Improve Award – shortlisted
/ Well House, NLA Don’t Move, Improve Award – shortlisted
/ Island House, NLA Don’t Move, Improve Award – shortlisted
/ Canyon House, NLA Don’t Move, Improve Award – shortlisted
/ Canyon House, AJ Retrofit Awards, Best House under £300K Award – shortlisted


/ BFI Reuben Library Cultural & Public Buildings, AJ Retrofit Award – shortlisted
/ Folded House, RIBA London Award – shortlisted
/ AD++ House, Ideal Home of the Year, Blue Ribbon Award – won

/ BD Young Architect of the Year Award – won
/ BD Small Project Architect of the Year Award – won
/ Architects’ Journal Small Project Architect of the Year Award – won
/ AD++ House, RIBA Best Small Project Award in Yorkshire Award – won
/ AD++ House, RIBA White Rose Yorkshire Award – won
/ AD++ House, RIBA Stephen Lawrence Prize – shortlisted
/ Folded House, Daily Telegraph Homebuilding & Renovating Award – won
/ Phil Coffey, Independent on Sunday’s 101 Great Britons

/ St Patrick’s School, RIBA Stephen Lawrence Prize – won
/ St Patrick’s School, RIBA London Award – won

/ Sky House, Best Redesign, Grand Designs Award – won

/ Modern Terrace, Best Renovation, Daily Telegraph Homebuilding & Renovating Award – won

/ Phil Coffey, Architects’ Journal, 40 Under 40



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