This was a conceptual competition to design a hotel on the moon.


In thirty years’ time, 1% of 1% of the world’s population is predicted to own over 60% of the world’s resources. Presumably only they will be able to afford to go to a hotel on the moon.


Our idea envisaged a two-week lunar vacation: one week in sunlight, the other in total darkness. Holidaymakers would enjoy visits to natural and human-made sites, zero-gravity training, solitary ‘moon camping’, and a communal Full Earth Party on their final night in space.


With the hotel sited in the Sinus Medii, where the earth is always directly overhead, the tour would afford visitors unique moments of reflection. Will the 1% of the 1% be changed by the experience – as all astronauts are? Will they grasp our planet’s beauty and vulnerability? And importantly, how will those on earth view the travellers – with respect or contempt?

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Project credits


  • Associate: Michael Henriksen
  • Architectural Assistant: Eoin O'Leary
  • Architectural Assistant: Ben Edgley

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