The Quadrangle at Queen’s College, Oxford, is one of the finest neo-classical compositions in England, protected by Grade 1 listing. The brief for the new porters’ lodge called for space for exhibition, waiting, storage of letters, and for the porters themselves. Given the space limitations, this was difficult to squeeze in the existing loggia without significantly impacting the listed setting.


Our solution sensitively remodelled the existing loggia on the principle that less is more. It envisioned beautifully crafted inserts behind Hawksmoor’s screen, providing views of the quad beyond. These interventions would have altered the circulation route and preserved the feel and character of the historic setting. Further ‘tidying up’ through newly designed black oak and bronze bins, lamps, signs and barriers brought the whole composition together.

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Project credits


  • Associate: Michael Henriksen
  • Architect: Ben Edgley
  • Architect: Eoin O'Leary
  • Architect: Andrea Ruffilli

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