The commission to design a concept for a sustainable 13-storey commercial building on a corner site in one of Dhaka’s fastest developing areas was an intriguing challenge.

Our proposal celebrated Scala’s fire escape as an external, vertical promenade activating the façade, offering the users alternative outdoor access to the different storeys. This structure supports small pockets of plants which will be attractive for the building users, enhance the streetscape, and contribute to the urban realm.

An external system of diagonal aluminium louvers following the pattern of the escape stairs preserves views while protecting from solar gain and glare. Indoors, the double-glazed system maintains a comfortable internal climate.

The client was very impressed by our design skills, predicting, “This project will be one of the exceptional buildings in a rapidly growing Dhaka.



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Project credits


  • Associate: Michael Henriksen
  • Architectural Assistant: Eoin O'Leary

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