As part of a wider masterplan for developer Stanhope, we are introducing four luxury, top-floor apartments into the iconic former BBC headquarters, Television Centre (TVC), with designs derived from the unique qualities of existing architecture.


Subtle curves to the apartment walls and corresponding radial brass trims inset in the terrazzo floor relate to the centre of the TVC Helios. Brass perforated screens filter sunlight, creating active shadows that enliven the home.


High-quality finishes, carefully considered details and a generosity of space create a desirable destination to live within the reinvented home of British broadcasting, a true mid-century masterpiece.

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Re-imagining an iconic piece of architecture

Located on the site of the original BBC headquarters in White City, the wider AHMM-led project has re-imagined the iconic complex as a mixed-use piece of city open to the public. It celebrates the architecture, iconography and legacy of the Television Centre. Our four flats are part of the "Architects' Series", a bespoke premium and penthouse offering completed by leading contemporary architects.

Reinforcing TVC's radii

Our design is driven by the notion of the redrawn radii to re-enforce the unique circular plan form of the original TVC building. The internal walls of the apartments and the brass trim in the flooring form concentric rings, the centre of which is the Helios statue. (Photo by Guy Archard)

Light, detail, experience

A restrained palette of materials places focus on the recurring brass detail, a nod to Helios, the god of the sun, and our passion for light and the experiences that are created in it.

Project credits


  • Project Director: Steve Jones
  • Architect: Rafid Sulaiman
  • Architect: Catherine Blaney
  • Architect: Arseni Timofejev
  • Architectural Assistant: Anna Rubin
  • Architectural Assistant: Eugenia Pavone


  • Masterplanner: AHMM
  • Construction Manager: Mace
  • Structural/ Services Engineer: ARUP
  • Cost Consultant: Deloitte Real Estate
  • Branding & Marketing: dn&co

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