Wholly owned by the London Borough of Croydon, developer Brick by Brick’s aim is to redevelop brownfield gap sites with challenging boundary conditions into new housing. The Council’s enlightened entrepreneurship delivers a double whammy of providing much needed housing while keeping the full value of the development in the Borough, to be reinvested in public goods.


Part of a larger masterplan to develop 1,000 high quality new homes by 2019, our parcel involved several sites that had previously been a mix of backland infill and derelict garages. Most were compact with tight physical constraints and tricky overlooking and daylighting issues.


We developed simple house and flat typologies to help the client to appraise the sites’ development potential. Following careful planning and community engagement, our design envisioned building close to the boundaries to maximize internal space and leave room for courtyard gardens, a solution that exceeded the client’s original brief.

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The framework & the Site Typologies

Coffey Architects are appointed by London Borough of Croydon / Brick by Brick Ltd to bring forward proposals for 10 sites within the borough from Stage 1. With some exceptions the sites are generally a combination and mix of back land infill and derelict garage sites. In most cased site access points are limited and boundaries are constrained on at least two sides. Ignoring geographic differences, from our initial site visits and analysis and based on basic format of the site and access we have categorised the sites into three types.

Fantastic daylighting, great outdoor spaces and long views

The three-storey houses are handed, to double the width of the spaces between each house. This increases sunlight penetration between each house and makes views between the houses possible from more angles. Overlooking between each house is prevented by staggering windows and screening to the roof terraces.

Project credits


  • Project Director: Lee Marsden
  • Associate: George Morgan
  • Architect: Brian Tobin
  • Architect: Mina Gospavic
  • Architect: Andrea Ruffilli
  • Architectural Assistant: Eugenia Pavone
  • Architectural Assistant: Ella Wright
  • Architectural Assistant: Mohammed Awadalla
  • Visualiser: David Deroo


  • 2017  New London Awards - Mayor's Prize, Housing - won


  • Structural: Arcadis
  • M&E: Arcadis
  • Project Management: Arcadis
  • QS: Arcadis

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