AJ SPECIFICATION CASE STUDY: 22 Handyside Street by Coffey Architects


Check out AJ Specification for a case study of our project 22 Handyside Street.

Project architect Christopher McHale discusses the robust palette of materials chosen for the scheme, each decision contributing to the scheme’s efficiency, budget, aesthetic and effect. Designed around the position of the sun, the site perimeter, and the site’s structural grid, 22 Handyside Street explores how the mass and skin of a building can create shadow and light. McHale notes,

Interest is added by the depth and perforation of the metalwork within the cladding, which provide physical and visual texture, in particular when the sunlight penetrates through them and creates light patterns on the aluminium façade behind. Significant attention was paid to the resolution of the highly complex roof and façade interface geometry to ensure it was co-ordinated to achieve the unique parapet profile for each section of façade.

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Coffey Architects’ 22 Handyside Street featured on RIBA Journal

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‘Architecture should be about circadian rhythms and the way people respond to time and light,’ director Phil Coffey told Pamela Buxton for RIBA J.

In this piece Coffey and Buxton discuss the importance of light to our designs for Argent’s new commercial building in King’s Cross and to architecture as a whole. Factors such as health and wellbeing, longevity and flexibility all come into play. Read more here.