Coffey & Croissants

Every Monday at Coffey Architects we run a session called Coffey & Croissants – a breakfast and a chat to start our week thinking about good design. Over the past year, we have been lucky enough to hear from several developers, planners, artists and architects about their work, history, ethos and views on the world around us.

The intention of Coffey & Croissants is to keep our team informed about the wider industry and to make relationships with partners of different scales and focuses that one day may become collaborators. If this sounds like something you’re into, and you have interesting and engaging thoughts, please get in touch (email so we can invite you around!

Coffey and Croissants is a great way to start the week – interesting talks give inspiration and perspective, in a relaxed and friendly environment.  

Jo Cairns, Architect, Coffey Architects

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