This playful home provided all the extra space the client needed – a new living room, bedroom and garage for a collection of classic cars – as well as a palpable connection to the garden.


The glazing and cantilevered zinc-clad shell roof allow light deep into the living space from the south-west. The overheating risk in summer is prevented by existing tree foliage; when the leaves drop, the lower winter sun warms the house passively.


The clients were delighted. “Thanks to Coffey Architects, we have added a striking, modern addition onto a house. We have enjoyed working with them, and winning two RIBA awards is one hell of a bonus!

A sustainable solution

The project is constructed primarily from sustainably sourced timber and clad in recycled zinc. Zinc uses the least amount of ores out of all non-ferrous metal cladding solution – 1/4 that of aluminium and 1/2 that of copper and steel. Additionally, zinc requires low levels of maintenance during its life cycle and is a self finish material that ages with beauty, omitting the need for continuous redecoration.

Light and shadows

The pitched roof is cut and folded to create a tension between the cantilever and glazing, allowing south sunlight to penetrate deep into the house. The self-finish zinc cladding both reflects and contrasts with the surrounding trees.

A connection

The addition extends the existing living area at first floor; glazing visually connects it to the landscape beyond an adjacent retaining wall. This new living space is linked to a studio/guest room below, via a 1m2 bold red stair.

Project credits


  • 2013 Blue Ribbon Awards, Ideal Home of the Year - won
  • 2012 RIBA Best Small Project in Yorkshire - won
  • 2012 RIBA White Rose Yorkshire Award - won

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