The Canyon House project converted two separate flats – one on top of the other – into a single duplex. The clients had bought the lower flat in the historic warehouse building in anticipation of starting a family. As well as vertical connection and more bedrooms, they wanted flexible spaces, lots of daylight, plenty of storage, energy-efficient fittings and superb attention to detail.


The key feature in our design was a double-height circulation space that included a 7m-high wall of storage to unify the once separate flats. The diffuse light from the north-facing windows is accentuated by stainless steel cladding and white joinery, reflecting light deeper into the plan. The internal hallways achieve the same light-filled trick with mirrors and a glazed floor panel.


Careful detailing of the stair, structure, joinery and glazing draw the eye and form surprise views into the bedroom areas and lower circulation space. Rooms are finished to the same standard, making it possible to create different combinations of living rooms and bedrooms.

Joining with joinery

Our designs sought to connect the two flats and get the best out of the double space in terms of layout, light and storage. A tall storage wall visually links the two levels, reconfiguring the separate spaces into one cohesive volume for living.

The Canyon

A glazed and mirrored slot composes a visual grand hall in front of the joinery element, inventing a light and spacious experience when moving around the home, challenging the usual enclosed interior circulation spaces within such forms into a primary loci.

Joinery that catches, reflects and projects light

The bespoke designed joinery consists of spray lacquered finish combined with stainless steel channels. The channels create shadow gaps between the panels while also reflecting the light beautifully. Flush integrated lights and concealed lights on top of the joinery provide the house with lots of dimmable light when required.

Intelligent living

The apartment has been installed with an intelligent control system that allows the client to have fully control of the lighting, AV and heating. The client can control the sound, temperature and light in one room or indeed the whole apartment from a control pad, a smart phone and from local keypad controllers. All the lighting is dimmable high power LEDs.

Tricking the eye

In addition to allowing daylight into the middle of the floor the glazed floor between the levels creates the feeling of a double height space. This perception is continued to the spaces at both ends of the glazed floor by installing ceiling mirrors.

Complementing the existing building

Materials were chosen in relation to how they would complement the existing building as well as their ability to reflect and lead light into the depth of the plan - this was particularly important as the home is north facing.

Project credits


  • 2014 Don't Move, Improve - shortlisted
  • 2014 Retrofit Awards, Best House over £300K - shortlisted


  • Structural: Karl Lang
  • Building Control: Head Projects

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