British Land has commissioned us to create an enlivened, multi-functional amenity and reception space within the existing reception area of 10 Exchange House. We have reconfigured the internal and external ground level areas to complement the wider masterplan improvements at Exchange Square, and to refurbish a number of the upper office floors.


The previous vibe was corporate and uninspired. To reinvigorate the space, our designs include a new, contemporary aesthetic focused on warm materiality, connection through visibility and modern furnishing.


Our response provides a crafted approach that is focused on wellbeing for office tenants and is suitable for modern shared working spaces. It provides a clear presence to the surrounding context by activating the Appold Street entrance and overall arrival sequence and it creates provision for a cafe and bar. ‘Behind the scenes’, our work improves cycle facilities by providing additional bike parking spaces, showers and accessible lockers.

A pavilion within the existing building

The new part of the reception is expressed by an inserted pavilion interfacing with the existing façade. Integrated warm light glows at night from the pavilion.

Drawing in the whole of Exchange Square

The concept proposal for the reception space draws the character of Exchange Park into the lobby. The elliptical reception wall notionally extends to ‘capture’ the external area adjacent.

From cold to warm materials

Before the lobby was characterised by harsh, cold materials and lighting. That has now been changed. Intricately detailed oak slatted walls and integrated, warm LED lighting combined with living greenery help create a fresh and inviting atmosphere.

Focus on wellbeing

Cycle parking, shower and locker facilities are the backbone of the scheme - both functionally and visually.

Made for healthy living

The insertion of the cyclist and runner’s facilities re-purposes the Appold Street entrance as a primary approach.

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