These are ongoing proposals for a new tall building adjacent Surrey Quays and Canada Water on a constrained site at the edge of British Land’s masterplan. The residential-led, mixed-use tower will provide apartments for the private rental sector while also rehousing an important local social club within the lower floors.


A contemporary landmark, the refined brick building elegantly touches the ground with a series of fluted columns, reminiscent of a public Romanesque colonnade. This threshold space, and the community centre above, helps to embed the new build tower into its local context with inviting ground and first floor levels.

Bridging the gap

The proposed building creates a more fluid transition between the existing towers of the surrounding area to the proposed towers of the Canada Water masterplan on the opposite side of the street. Together, five tall buildings create a cluster that signposts Surrey Quays station and the western corner of the park.

Assessing the height

After design testing buildings of different heights, we found that a taller tower reinforces the cluster with a centre relating to the station. An additional lower tower at an intermediate height helps connect the proposed towers to the existing.

Creating activated frontages

The tower's entrances and its cafe are all located towards the streetscape and park in order to enliven the buildings public front. The community space at first floor can also be seen from the street.

Shadow and light

Bands of ribbon windows, equal on all sides, create horizontal stripes across the elongated tower and offer full width views to the apartments inside. Columns are woven into the horizontal bands, creating a vertical emphasis and casting shadow onto the facade.

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