Small terraced homes on Whistler Street, London, are typically dark two-up-two-downs with low ceilings. This project required us to refurbish one such example to create a naturally ventilated 160 m2 three-bedroomed house with underfloor heating on the ground floor.


Our design, the Modern Terrace, is fresh, light-filled and energy-efficient. We opened up the existing shell with new windows, flooding the middle of the house with natural light.


The significant remodelling created a generous kitchen and entrance area, and turned the attic into a new bedroom. The underfloor heating serves the whole house. The new stair not only frees up space, its open treads to allow air to circulate. Improved wall insulation overcomes climate control issues, resulting in a comfortable, contemporary, spacious three-bed family home.

Fresh Home

The openness in section let light penetrate through the centre of the house as well as allowing natural ventilation from ground to the top floor creating a fresh, light-filled home.

A Home full of Light

Beautifully carved spaces catches the light from openings in walls as well as ceilings.

Space-Maximising Element that lets the light in

The second flight of stairs are made of glass which allows unbroken views from the lower level to the top level. Additionally it allows light in from the top all the way down to the centre of the house.

Project credits


  • 2008 Homebuilding & Renovating Awards, Best Renovation - won

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