Originally designed by Jefferson Sheard & Partners as the headquarters for the Amalgamated Union of Engineering Workers (now AEU), our revitalising designs for this late 1960s office tower in Sheffield introduce a contemporary identity with additional architectural elements and distinct materiality and colour.


Plans include refurbishing the existing façade and floors 1-9, converting a vacant food and beverage space into a potential retail offering and opening the top floor with an external awning for outdoor access and unparalleled views of the city.


A pre-patinated copper entrance threshold will also be added at ground level to unify the street frontage and emphasise the main entrance. The green standing seam copper will create a bold yet contextual accent to the main tower, referencing the existing material on the rooflight at the first floor. This feature will remain, becoming part of the composition and highlighting the roof as a desirable destination.

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Small yet strategic changes

The existing tower has an undeniably unique character and form, a strength to which our designs play significantly. Small yet strategic interventions make for a big impact.

Creative reuse

Efficient and complementary reuse of the existing building fabric reinvents the tower for contemporary requirements, cutting to the core of sustainable thinking and creative reuse.

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