The client’s three-bedroom home in Camden, a penthouse flat with extensive views, was in need of refurbishment. The work had to create flexible spaces capable of doubling up in various ways to serve as a home, as well as a space for the client’s charity for young musicians.

Our concept linked two simple roof-top pavilions – one for living, the other for relaxation and sleeping – with small extensions. New rooflights and south-facing windows flood the space in light, opening up huge views and complement the cross-ventilation strategy.

Bright, simple, relaxed, the spaces can be subdivided flexibly for musical practice or opened up to create a 30 m long living space.

The client described the end result as the “perfect home”.

A multi-purpose home

We have created a home that is suitable for entertaining... and not just dinner guests. A central open space allows for musical performances and film showings, whilst maintaining adaptability for three-bedroom living and eventual resale.

Material depth

Linear and non-linear materials offer structure and warmth to the home. They are natural, self-finishing and low maintenance... a palpable materiality that reflects the city.

We would all rather be outside

Our environmental approach considers empathy/context/form and is based on the premise that we would all rather be outside. Fresh air and views flow through the property's rooms and courtyards. The plan is wrapped by external spaces.

Project credits


  • 2009 Grand Designs Awards Best Redesign - shortlisted

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