As part of a Clerkenwell Design Week 2014 exhibition, we re-envisioned Ron Arad’s iconic Tom Vac chair with a bit of humour. Entitled, Tailor My Tom Vac, the show comprised a collection of 23 reinterpretations of Arad’s original design each created by leading architecture and design studios.


Our idea stemmed from a flippant comment; someone in our office noted that Arad’s chair is reminiscent of a conical dog collar. We couldn’t get the idea out of our head… so we ran with it.


The chair was named a favourite by Design Week, and Arad, himself, noted its originality in an interview with Architectural Review: “I don’t think anyone here thinks they are doing a new version of Tom Vac. They are doing a comment – a piece in its own right. They have a common element. They all observe or play with the Tom Vac. They see things that we haven’t seen before – I’ve never seen it as a dog collar!”

Kit of Parts

Tom Woof was CNC cut and then assembled.

Taking Tom Woof for a walk

We created a 1:1 mock up to test the scale, form and stability of Tom Woof.

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