As so often happens with growing families, the client needed to extend their existing home to create more space. They appointed us to do so, taking the opportunity to refurbish throughout at the same time.


Of central concern was enabling the family to feel together even when doing different things. In particular, they wanted a seamless connection to the garden, with the kitchen at the heart of the home.


Well House ‘splits the section’, allowing views from the main living area of the home into the garden and down to the children’s play room on the lower ground floor. The central lightwell (hence ‘Well House’) is capped by an ocular window above, unifying the home and bathing it in light. The rear glazed elevation frames a small reading area for the children, giving the sensation of being in the garden even when not.


Split section

The split section offers views between levels and enables the family to feel together even when doing different things. Additionally the well right at the centre of the house creates a smooth flow between the levels and ensures the lower level is filled with light.

Welcoming the light

The skylight and well at the centre of the plan ensures the spaces are bathed in daylight. The material palette consists of robust, self-finished materials that catch the light beautifully, create depth as well as warmth.

Crisp details

Frameless balustrades allows light to pass through and reach all parts of the plan.

Blurring the boundaries

The super thin framed sliding doors and frameless glass box to the garden dissolves the boundary between inside and outside. The inside benefits from the beautiful shadow patterns created by the mature surrounding trees.

Unifying old and new

Oak joinery and concrete elements weave together the old and the new parts of the house.

Project credits


  • 2014 Don't Move, Improve - Shortlist


  • Structural: Price & Myers
  • Building Control: Head Projects

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